A comparison of the classic WRC vents

Ever wondered how WRC vents look like? Or what the difference is with the OEM Subaru vents? Did you know these vents are much bigger compared to the OEM or 22B vents?

I found an opportunity to show you some awesome vents in this blogpost. In one of my earlier articles you read about my new vents. At this moment you have seen a set of Subaru S5 vents made by Antonenko ported to fit the OEM bonnet. This photo showed the ported version has three mounting points to fit three of the five original ones. My current replica 22B vents on top:


Yes replica vents…but replica or not, the genuine 22B vents are not bigger than the replica’s, they only have a little more detail.

My plan was to adjust the S5 vents to fit my snorkel cover and just get them painted and mounted. But there was Yuriy again… he showed me he had a set of S5 vents. So one thing lead to another and together with my S5 lamp pod I got a set of genuine S5 vents as well!


As you can see, the size is identical, it’s the inside where it differs. But the top ones are bolt on for any GC series bonnet.


Can I just mount some S5 vents on my OEM bonnet? No. You need to drill the holes bigger, your mounting brackets will be lost doing that and….the bottom of the vents are not curved for your bonnet as well. WRC vents lay deeper within the bonnet as well…

Here you see why the ported version of Yuriy do fit:



Alright!! Enough of the sales talk 🙂 This post isn’t compleet without the following. From 2000 Prodrive changed some body parts on the cars like the frontbumper. One of the other changes they made were in the hood: the vents!

While Yuriy is working his ass off in Russia to get his car done, I recieved a package for him from UK. This chapter could only be possible by this cool event. Before it finds thir way to Ekaterinburg I took the opportunity make some photo’s:



These are so cool and even bigger than the S5 version. Have a look on my car:


Compare them all!

Let’s compare all of the vents with each other. P2000/S6 (bottom) versus S5 (top)


P2000/S6 (bottom), S5 (middle) and oem (top)


All togehter!


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