A perfect ‘Subaru’ wedding

It’s been a while now sinds my last post, but I was busy with my wedding preperations and it took me a few weeks to get the photo’s from our photographer. But here they are!

Today 10th June, 2016 it is 1 year and 8 days ago I asked my girlfriend to marry me. It was on the Chinese Wall during our Chinese Roundtrip. It was very cool etc but let’s get back to the big day! Our wedding was completely in our style: Gothic, wich is quite different from rally…but we needed a car… I could think of many types of classic cars that would fit very well but hé: we have our own ‘classic’ Impreza. Although the car did play a huge role on this day we made some cool photo’s with it to share!

A few day’s before the wedding I cleaned the Subaru and added temporary ‘stickers’ to suit the slogan ‘Rally of a lifetime’:



And then it was time to take it out of the garage! On my way to my bride:


Once there:


Helping her getting in:


Harness on, ready for launch!


It was a perfect day, I’ll keep the rest of the photo’s to myself as these have nothing do with Subaru WRC. Here’s a last one with both of us in style:


After the ceremony we drove the Subie back home. We placed a badge at it: