Photoshoot ‘on a roll’

It was a little bit of a cold day in March when we had the photoshoot near the sea. It was dry and the sun showed the first sign of the spring. Perfect weather for a photoshoot titled: “Start of the season 2016”. Stephen Otto is the name of the photographer. He is a young professional with a heart for automotive. I did know a little bit about his results with this type of shots but I didn’t know how it would work out on my car.

I think he really nailed it with his photo’s of my car!


I decided to have my rolling shot from the right side of the car to have all the parts of the safari theme clearly in the picture.

The photoshoot was on the Dutch harbor “Maasvlakte”. The long and quiet roads with dunes on both sides of the road are the perfect location to do a ‘rolling shot’. We didn’t bother any other traffic with our shoot. He took the photo’s while he was in the trunk of another car driving in front of me.


For me this is a milestone in my project and I’m really glad to see all the positive reactions on all the forums,  the Facebook pages I’m active on and my own Instagram account. Within a day the ‘winning shot’ got hundreds of likes on: Subiewerkes (1980 likes), Rally Channel HD (700) and a stunning 7.500 likes on Rallye-Magazin. It got shared a lot too.

Thank you all very much for your support! Make sure you checkout all the photo’s below, cheers!