Project Subaru WRC S5 lamp pod (part 1)

I know, I know, this is yet another project while other project(s) need attention. It took me a long time to decide whether or not to do this project. I came across this lamp pod about two or three years ago, before I started working on my Safari Edition. I first contacted the guys from for the S5 rally pod, but unfortunately it wasn’t available anymore.

It was only half a year ago (I think it was March 2015) I met Yuriy Antonenko from Russia. He posted a photo of his prototype as an comment on a Facebook post of the S5 lamp pod and it got my attention. He told me he used a scale model car to make it in real size. It was quite accurate if you ask me, a few months later Yuriy bought an original Prodrive pod and this is the comparison (the blue one is the original used on P12 WRC):




Yuriy made a new mould, from the original pod to make reproductions of this rare piece. I finally ordered one for myself. The pod itself is ‘just’ a ‘small’ part of the whole project. You need four lamps, relays, wiring, trim rings, connectors, slide latches and rubber seals. I’ll get into these things in a following post. At this fase it’s all about the pod.

Taking the pod out of the mould (it’s a two piece part by the way):


Trimmed of all the edges, opening the lamp holes:


The two pieces are glued together in the next stage, later more.


In the meanwhile I ordered four Dzus slide latches. These are used to attach the pod on the bonnet. By opening/ closing the latches you can add/ remove the pod from the hood. The barrels used to be popped into the hood, I have a different approach with them, also on this subject: later more.


The latches need extra small rivets, so I bought these at my local hardware shop as well.



I ordered 4¬†100w Hella lamps, they still need to arrive. While waiting on the pod/ lamps I’m collecting all the electric parts to make the whole thing run.

At this point I have:

  • OEM Subaru fog light switch (to add it to the fourth sloth next to my normal fog switchs and my safari mirror switch)
  • 2x 30 amps fuses
  • 2x 30 amps relays


IMG_9280 (1)

Read further in part 2

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