Walbro 255L installed

After my fuel pump adventure in Germany I ordered a new pump. Difference in price between a OEM pump and an upgrade wasn’t that big of a deal. So I bought a Walbro 255L pump and installed it myself. I learned how the assembly worked by watching the mechanic in Germany. Here’s a simple write-up for you to help changing your own pump. Take note of my disclaimer before you start!

Turn off your car and remove key (or at least, make sure power is off).

First step is to remove your rear seat for better clearance. This is not nessecary but works much better. If you don’t have a foldable rear seat it will be a bit more work. You can reach the pump from the trunk but I doubt you have enough space to get it out. So remove┬áthe back. After removing your carpet you wil see a plate with 4 screws.


Once removed you see the fuel tank cover. Remove the connector. Remove the clamps on the upper two hoses with pliers. The large fuel line (grey clip) works a bit different. Squeeze it and pull the hose off. A little bit of fuel will come out. No worries, just use and old towel to dry it.


With the bolts removed, you can lift the whole essembly out of the tank. Make sure to do this carefully. You need to rotate it a few times while pulling it up. The float is the most fragile part of it.

Now you have to swap the pump. Disconnect the hose on the side of the pump and check how the wiring is connected (+ and -). I used a Walbro Wiring Kit for Subaru to make life a bit easier with the wiring. If you don’t, no wories you can rewire it with the provided connector of the Walbro pump. You need to double check the wire colors (+ and -) because when you accidently put + on the – and – on the + the pump will run in reverse, your engine will not get the fuel it needs so badly ­čśë

If you need to do wiring yourself, make sure to use wiring tape to ‘hide’ the connectors. The whole assembly sits inside the fuel tank, any form of spark will cause serious problems.

If possible, use your oem filter. It is a bit longer than the Walbo’s, so it hangs deeper inside your tank.

Here’s my new setup:


Installation is exactly the same but in reverse order. Test the new setup before adding the interior parts. If you think this is not your type of project, just ask your local mechanic to do it.