Below you can find a nearly complete list of the parts I collected and the mods I added in the past years. Do you think I miss something? Do you have a unique part for sale or a question about a mod, just contact me.


Carbon airbox

Special carbon airbox made for my snorkel by me. It is designed to be a look-a-like of the real WRC S5 airbox (from photo's only) and customized to fit my stock engine. Only had to change the airfilter to an open airfilter.

Apexi open pod air filter

Although the oem airfilter on your Subaru performs better on a stock car I had to decide to change it to an open air filter due to the custom made filter box connected to the snorkel. I chose Apexi as the best one.

Carbon battery cover

This is a must when you run hood vents without their covers, or like me: installing the bigger WRC S5 hood vents. This homemade cover prevents water dripping onto the battery.

Scoobysport 2.5" exhaust

Twin-dump downpipe. 2.5" catless system with an Scoobysport Classic (round) tip. When I bought the car it had a Magnex oval


Roof scoop

Primitive Racing roof scoop. This is a slightly higher model than the WRC had. Installed it at a very early moment, before I started to learn about the genuine parts. This scoop is made to fit a Primitive Racing vent.

Roof vent

In rally there's a saying: "Function over form". This is what I wanted to achieve with my car as well, everything is functional. This vent from Primitive Racing can be set in two ways. Opening the vent backwards is very handy in rain and having a breeze in your face. Opening up front, the wind will blow over your head.

WRC S6/P2000 replica front bumper

This widebody replica of the S6 bumper is changed to fit the standard road car. The S6 frontbumper has the square shaped gap in front of the radiator. I have the foglights fit the bumper as well, all working and the "STi" covers fit in front of them.

22B replica rear bumper

The 22B rear bumper is a very close version to the WRC bumpers. When I bought the kit I had no access to a WRC version. Difference is the opening for the exhaust in the 22B bumper. The WRC has a recess over the width of the bumper. WRC has it's exhaust on the right side of the car as well.

WRC S5 rear spoiler (with adjustable carbon blade)

This WRC style spoiler has a carbon blade. Unfortunately the previous owner painted it and it lost it's texture. The blade has 3 positions.

Rear window spoiler

Not WRC, this wing was my first mod on the car (long before I had the idea's to convert the car into a rally tribute). I wanted to keep this part. Final touch on this wing is the extra swrt.com sticker.

Hood pins

Hood pins are used in rally to quickly open the hood without having the lock. Although I still have the lock in place (as it's still a roadcar) my hood pins are functional as well. With the lamp pod on the hood I can't get the hood click into the lock, having the pins functional is also a benefit it this case.

Trunk spring latches

Like the Hood pins, these trunk springs are functional as well. Rally cars do not have a trunk lock, without these springs the trunk will chatter during rally. With these springs it's easy to open the trunk and reach the spare wheel and fuel tank.

Hood scoop (MY03)

The scoops on my car are not the original WRC sizes. When I bought the roof scoop it appeared to be higher than the original WRC height. To compensate this difference with the oem hood vent we decided to install a slightly higher hood scoop. Now it's balanced, it gives better airflow with the lamp pod on as well..

WRC S5 hood vents

These WRC S5 hood vents are reproductions of the real S5 vents. They are much bigger than the oem vents. Had to cut out the hood to fit them.

WRC S5 replica lamp pod

Lamp pod, used for night stages. The pod is a copy of an original pod (from P12 WRC). I fitted Hella 3000 Rallye lights with custom made mounts. Wiring is done with waterproof connectors. It fits the hood with four slide latches. The inner lamps are 100w pencil lights and the outer ones 100w headlights.

Genuine Prodrive carbon safari snorkel (Colin McRae)

Prodrive developed this snorkel in 1996 for the Subaru GRP A rallying Kenya. Colin McRae and Kenneth Eriksson were the favourites of that year. My snorkel comes from one of these cars, most likely Colins. The snorkel prevents water floating the engine while crossing a river or puddle. The airbox is a waterproof part with a cone airfilter inside. Airbox is sealed by a rubber ring to connect the snorkel on the hood.

Genuine Prodrive carbon safari mirrors (Colin McRae)

These Safari Mirrors are the rarest pieces in my collection. Took me almost a year to find them. I believe there are only two sets left in the world. Prodrive Banbury has the other set on their Richard Burns Safari Rally Kenya car (T14 SRT) wich is one of their museum cars. The previous owner had these mirrors for about 14 in his possession, they are taken of R7 WRC (Colin McRae drove with these).

Genuine Prodrive safari roobar

This part, a genuine Prodrive roobar, was meant to avoid engine damage due to wildlife collision. You need to know Safari Rallies were held on open road. So no fences or marchals to keep people or animals off the stage, the cars were guided only by a helicopter. In one of the rallies Juha Kankkunen was filmed hitting a cow at high-speed! This type of Roobar is used in 98/99.


Flocked dashboard

Flocking a dashboard is a must in rallying. It breaks the light of the sun shinening on the dashboard. It gives a luxery look to the interior as well...

Rally co-driver pod

Custom made by me rally dashboard co-driver pod. It's made of fiberglass with carbon front finish. It holds an iPad mini mount. We use it for the navigation app and control the GoPro with it.

Sparco 4-point harness

Sparco harness to keep us in our place. Can't reach the radio, but show needs it anyway... I chose blue to match the interiors blue highlights.

Prodrive black gear knob

A touch of Prodrive added to the console. Feels much better in my hand than the oem lether knob.

Raid HP gauges

One of my first interior mods, Boost, Oil temperature, Oil pressure and Volt gauge.


Tein superflex

WRX05 front brakes

Upgraded the 98 frontbrakes with the bigger 05 ones. I use Ferodo DS2500 brake pads. Groved Tarox break discs.

WRX00 rear brakes

Not an upgrade, but these came with the front brakes and in the same color. Groved Tarox break discs as well. Brakes are fitted with stainless steel braided brake lines.

Whiteline 22mm rear swaybar + bushes

Several Whiteline mods to upgrade the drivability. Swaybars, Heavey duty end links and stiffer bushes.

17" OZ superturismo wheels

OZ 17" ET48 7J wheels with Toyo Proxes T1-R